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Young, Minney & Corr provide the following legal templates, sample documents, checklists and more as an added service to our clients. These sample documents do not constitute legal advice. As the information contained in these documents is necessarily generally, or created to meet a client’s particular factual circumstances, their application to a particular set of facts and circumstances may vary. We do not recommend that you act on this information or rely on these sample documents without consulting legal counsel. Should you have any questions about these sample documents please email Paul C. Minney at

Please visit this page often as it is updated frequently to provide increased resources to charter schools in California.


  Sample Proposition 39 Request Letter

Newly updated for the 2016-17 School Year and Beyond
This document provides charter schools with a template it can use in requesting facilities from a school district under Proposition 39. It also includes detailed instructions on how to fill out the template request, what information that will need to be attached to the request, and a sample intent to enroll form.

See also full text Prop 39 and new implementing regulations.

Download spanish version of re-enroll form.

See also PowerPoint presentation in partnership with CCSA regarding Prop. 39 requests for 2010-11 school year.


New & Revised

  Sample letter
for complying with AB1610
With the recent passage of AB 1610, the California Legislature has amended several provisions of the
Charter Schools Act including a new requirement for charter schools to notify the school district of residence when a charter school pupil has been expelled or left the school before the school year is completed. Please see this sample letter that can be used for complying with this new requirement.

Many charter schools use facilities provided by religious institutions. While this is legal the charter school's location in a facility alongside religious institution can trigger separation of church and state issues (i.e., establishment of religion). This Checklist can be used to assess the facility to determine if changes or modification need to be made to the facility in order to avoid a lawsuit or legal challenge by the granting agency.

  Independent Study Legal Compliance Checklist The Independent Study Legal Compliance Checklist enumerates the basic legal requirements for a nonclassroom based charter school along with the corresponding legal citation, and a column for checking when legal requirements are completed. Nonclassroom based charter schools may use this list to perform a self-assessment in order to ensure legal compliance in an area where even the small most technical errors could mean loss of apportionment.

  Stipulated Use Agreement for Release of Records This document can be used in the situation where a charter school agrees to provide directory information on its students to substantiate a request for Proposition 39 facilities. Although not legally required to provide this information to support a Prop. 39 request, should a charter school choose to release information about it students (e.g., name, address etc) it should do so only if the receiving school district executes a form of confidentiality agreement