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Young, Minney & Corr’s charter law team of attorneys monitor the Legislature, court decisions, and administrative agencies (e.g. CDE, Board of Education, State Controller's Office, PERB, etc.) and issue frequent Legal Alerts on matters of legal importance to our clients. This page is updated frequently, so please visit us often.

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Legal Alerts are provided in PDF format*:

02/22/2016 Time to Update Your Charter School’s Uniform Complaint Procedures
02/18/2016 Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Assn. v. Cal. Dept. of Ed.
01/02/2016 Hot Labor and Employment Topics for 2016
09/17/2015 Apply for Facilities Under Prop. 39
09/15/2015 Is Your School’s Employee Handbook Up-To-Date?
07/06/2015 Vaccine Bill SB 277 Becomes Law
03/06/2015 Students, Coming & Going: How Far Do a School’s Duties Reach?
09/09/2014 Apply for Facilities Under Prop. 39
07/28/2014 The Survival Guide to Special Education Due Process Complaints
06/03/2014 Judge Halts School District’s Illegal Efforts to Convert One of its Own Schools to Prevent a Teacher Lead Charter Conversion Effort
09/11/2013 The Time to Apply for Facilities Under Prop. 39 is Here!
07/26/2013 Yoga in Public Schools
06/27/2013 Due Process Requirements for Expulsions
10/31/2012 Court of Appeal Upholds Charter School Release of "At Will" Employee
10/29/2012 Stronger Laws To Prevent Fraudulent Corporate Solicitations.
09/21/2012 The Time to Apply for Facilities Under Prop. 39 is Here!
08/22/2012 Charter Schools Are Entitled to First Priority to School Facilities if a School District Decides to Sell or Lease Surplus Property
07/09/2012 Charter Schools Score Victory Before the California Supreme Court Protecting the Charter School Petition Process From Attack By Labor Unions
02/06/2012 New Laws Concerning Board Action on Executive Compensation, Required Employment Contract Provisions& Agenda Posting to Agency Website
11/02/2011 New Rules for Charter Renewal Approved by the State Effective November 23, 2011;
Expect Streamlined Renewal Process and Shorter Review Timeline
10/31/2011 Court of Appeal Rules Unequivocally for Bullis Charter School
in Challenge to Los Altos School District’s Proposition 39 Offer of Facilities
09/30/2011 Prop. 39 Facilities Reminder
06/01/2011 Office of Administrative Law Gives New Revocation Rules A Temporary Setback
10/13/2010 ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Fees Charged by School Districts: Guidance for Charter Schools regarding Authorized Fees
09/16/2010 Prop. 39 Facilities Reminder
09/01/2010 New Law Requires Charter Schools to Adopt Policy Guaranteeing Student Rights to Free Speech and PressClick here for Education Code Sections 48907 and 48950
02/18/2010 17th Annual California Charter Schools Conference
01/11/2010 Top 5 Suggested New Year's Resolutions for Charter School Employers
10/07/2009 MYM 2009 Holiday Art Contest
09/18/2009 Beware Misleading Corporate Solicitations
09/08/2009 Prop. 39 Facilities Reminder
06/03/2009 Litigation Updates
03/19/2009 Update on SBE Action during March Meeting
03/02/2009 Secretary of State Issues Notice Regarding Misleading Corporate Solicitations
02/24/2009 Ensure Compliance with New FMLA Regulations Effective January 16, 2009
02/19/2009 GRASP Grant Project
02/05/2009 Ensure compliance with any legal requirement when considering layoffs or other personel action
01/07/2009 SMYM is Name Dropping
12/08/2008 Proposition 39 new deadlines
12/01/2008 Prop 39 Litigation
10/03/2008 Recent Court of Appeals Decision Clarifies Meal and Rest Period Issues
09/16/2008 Comprehensive Prop. 39 Update
06/03/2008 Alameda County Superior Court Rules that the State Board of Education Properly Approved Aspire Public Schools' Statewide Charter
03/24/2008 PERB Rules In Favor of Charter School, Finding It Did Not Engage in Illegal Retaliation
When It Non-Renewed Teacher Contracts.
03/10/2008 California Appeals Court Rules Homeschooling is Unlawful
02/08/2008 Student Safety on Campus
01/07/2008 Senate Bill 777 new anti-discrimination law – a clarification of existing law
01/03/2008 Top 4 Suggested Resolutions for Charter School Employers
10/29/2007 The Internal Revenue Service recently released a Charter School Reference Guide, providing guidance in the processing of federal tax exemption (Form 1023) applications filed by charter schools seeking exemption under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).
09/04/2007 New Prop. 39 Regulations Will Not Be Effective for 2008-09 Prop. 39 Cycle; Charter Schools Must Follow Existing Regulations for 2008-09 Requests for Facilities; YM&C and CCSA Create New Prop. 39 Request Form.
05/03/2007 The State Board of Education recently approved and adopted new closure regulations for charter schools (these regulations are effective on May 9, 2007). 
02/15/2007 PERB Finds In Favor of Charter School Management Organization: The appropriate public school employer for organizing teachers is a wall to wall unit of all teachers of the CMO.
02/07/2007 California Court of Appeals concludes a charter school operating as a nonprofit public benefit corporation is not a "public entity" under the California Tort Claims Act.
10/19/2006 Pacific Legal Foundation Sues Los Angeles and Berkeley Unified School Districts Over Race-Based Admissions Processes.
10/05/2006 New Minimum Wage Increases Impact Minimum Salary Required for Exempt Employees
10/05/2006 Governor signs AB 2030, which allows charter schools to appeal revocation decisions by their chartering agency.
09/01/2006 Joey Wells v ONE2ONE Learning Foundation
08/22/2006 Proposition 39 Sample Form and Instructions
07/26/2006 Court Extends Govt. Tort Claims Protection to Charter Schools
02/27/2006 NEW LAW: Required Notification to District of Residence When Student Leaves a Charter School
02/22/2006 Mandatory Parent Participation
01/24/2006 Proposition 39 Updates
01/23/2006 Employer's Failure to Follow Brown Act is Costly
12/16/2005 San Diego Unified Denies Students Legal Right to Classrooms While it Rents Available Campuses to Private Schools
10/24/2005 Audit Guide for Charter Schools Beginning With the 2005-2006 School Year
08/23/2005 Charter School Officials Pursuing Defamation Claims
05/19/2005 Transition to Direct Funding
05/13/2005 Corporate Compliance Notice
05/12/2005 Freedom of Speech Alert
05/09/2005 Audit Guide for Charters
04/25/2005 Sales and Use Tax Legal Alerts
04/15/2005 Wrongful Death of Students
03/28/2005 IRS Changes Nonprofit Tax Exemption Forms
02/22/2005 Charter School's Separate Domain Name Maintains Confidentiality
12/16/2004 Reauthorization of IDEA
12/09/2004 Sexual Harassment Training Now A Legal Requirement
12/02/2004 Domestic Partner Rights
11/17/2004 Resolutions of Audit Exceptions
10/04/2004 [AB 2756] FCMAT now has authority over Charter Schools
09/13/2004 Important Proposition 39 Update
03/05/2004 California Court of Appeals holds that a charter school may not be sued for educational malfeasance
01/28/2004 California Supreme Court Denies Request?
01/16/2004 How Employers Can Limit Their Liability Against Sexual Harassment Claims
01/12/2004 Reminder to review your MOU
10/14/2003 Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Policies Do Not Have Force of Law
10/03/2003 Attention Non-Classroom Based Schools
09/02/2003 Guidelines Regarding Liability for Physical Education Activities
08/04/2003 Charter School Admissions
03/25/2003 California Supreme Court Upholds Broad Reading of Disability Laws
03/06/2003 County Office of Education Monitoring of Charter School Credentials
01/06/2003 Changes to Brown Act
11/25/2002 Court Ruling on Charter School Funding: A School District's Obligation to Transfer in Lieu of Property Taxes is a Ministerial Obligation
05/24/2002 Advisory Commission on Charter Schools Adopts a Proposal for Permanent Regulations for Senate Bill 740 to Present to the State Board of Education
08/17/2001 Operational Guidelines for Charter Schools Sharing Space with Religious Institutions
08/17/2001 Facility Review Checklist
04/19/2001 Local Educational Agencies (including Charter Schools) May Contract for Student Transportation with Public and Private Parties who have been Subjected to Criminal Background Checks

* The above documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This format allows the retention of all formatting and creates documents that are much smaller than the original word processing files. To be read, .pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this application, it can be downloaded for free from Adobe at: If you would prefer to receive the documents in Microsoft Word, please contact Melanie McAlpine at 916.646.1400 or
NOTE: Young, Minney & Corr, LLP's Legal Alerts provide general information about events of current legal importance; they do not constitute legal advice. As the information contained here is necessarily general, its application to a particular set of facts and circumstances may vary. We do not recommend that you act on this information without consulting legal counsel.