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Young, Minney & Corr is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services. The following resources describe our experience and services in greater detail.

Attached please find a compendium of the statutes making up the Brown Act -- the state's open meeting law applicable to charter schools. This compendium is searchable and has an easy to use table of contents.
Video linkThe Laws Regarding Student Outreach, Admissions and Lottery Preferences:
Charter law in the area of student outreach and admissions is filled with complex and confusing statutory inconsistencies. The admissions process, especially regarding the application of preferences and the administration of public random drawings, can also be overwhelmingly daunting. This session will critically examine these admissions and outreach requirements and offer viable solutions for meeting your charter school’s goals while maintaining a lawful process.
Proposition 39 Cover PageProposition 39 and the Implementing Regulations are conveniently condensed into a handy booklet.
Leading the Way Cover Page“Leading the Way” Brochure
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How to Acquire Facilities Under Prop. 39 (PowerPoint and Audio presentation)(Sept. 1, 2011)

Charter schools are entitled to reasonably equivalent facilities from their district. Districts must treat charter and non-charter school students equitably in the allocation of facilities. Know your entitlements under the law so you can negotiate the best facilities solution for your school. If you are a charter school developer or an operating charter school (conversion or startup) you can benefit from this online workshop. We provide tips for submitting a Prop. 39 request, responding to the District’s offers, and negotiating a facilities use agreement that protects the charter school’s rights. Learn to negotiate shared-use agreements, reduce the pro rata share fees and oversight charge, and to leverage the best agreement possible for your school. View presentation here.