Conference Table

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Conference Table

Young, Minney & Corr’s team of more than 22 highly qualified attorneys offer expert experience, knowledge and representation.

Paul C. Minney, Partner
James E. Young, Partner
Lisa A. Corr, Partner
Jerry W. Simmons, Partner
Chastin H. Pierman, Partner
Janelle A. Ruley, Partner
Sarah J. Kollman, Partner

Kimberly Rodriguez, Associate
Michelle A. Lopez, Associate
Sarah K. Bancroft, Associate
Megan M. Moore, Associate
Rachael B. Tillman, Associate
Kathleen M. Ebert, Associate
Drew K. Rymer, Associate
Barbara E. Hagberg, Associate
Marvin H. Stroud, Associate
Daniel W. Robertson, Associate*
 *Licensed in California and Oregon

Matejka M. Handley, Associate
S. Edward Slabach, Associate
Kristopher L. Carpenter, Associate
Roger L. Scott, Associate
Kevin M. Troy, Associate*
 *Licensed in California, New York and Washington State

Brinkley E. Wilson, Associate
Casey L. Hazelhofer, Associate
Patricia Cano, Associate
Marysia S. Okreglak Associate
Brian T. Geremia Associate

William J. Trinkle, Of Counsel

Lisa Yount, Legal Assistant
Melanie McAlpine, Legal Assistant
Sarah Valdez, Legal Assistant
Lindsey Rogalla, Legal Assistant
Janelle Jennings, Legal Assistant
Claudia Gomez, Office Assistant
Josie Onishi, Legal Assistant
Victoria Belasco, Receptionist
Isabel Garcia, Firm Administrator
Vanessa Gomez, Legal Assistant
Katy Byrne, Legal Assistant
Gabrielle Perez, Director of Communications

YM&C is proud to announce that Sarah Kollman is now a partner