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S.Edward ("Ted") Slabach

S. Edward ("Ted") Slabach obtained his law degree from the University of San Francisco, where he earned the Cali Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property. Ted holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dramatic Art from Whitman College, and a Master of Fine Arts from Western Illinois University. Ted is an experienced litigator with more than fifteen years of civil litigation and appellate work. Ted has litigated hundreds of administrative and civil cases in areas including public employment, public contracting, labor, construction, real estate, insurance, worker's compensation, personal injury, and civil rights.

Before joining Young, Minney & Corr, LLP Ted ran the appellate department at TFLG, A Law Corporation, where he successfully handled dozens of appeals, including one described by the California Real Property Journal as one of the most significant of 2012. Ted is admitted in all of California's state and federal courts, as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Ted currently focuses his practice on the representation of charter schools in matters involving personal injuries, facilities, and labor and employment disputes, charter school writs and appeals, among others.



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